It gets into your head.

The bed was deliciously comfortable, I climbed in drooping, tired and lay waiting for deep waves of dark sleep to wash over me.  Then my body woke up, every part of me was alive and awake. My mind churning, ideas tumbling over one another.

‘Stay still’, sensible me said, ‘Don’t follow those thoughts, chill out. Feel the nurturing mattress, the silky sheets, and the gentle cover. Relax your feet, legs, body arms neck, head. Settle, sleep.’ My id had spoken, I settled down but….

‘No way’, my rebellious ego responded, ‘There is too much to do, ideas to capture, thoughts to marshal’

Id and ego battled for a couple of hours, I supported the id with valerian tablets, comforting drinks, calming music, but ego just kept breaking through. Ego won.

At 02.45 I rose, another comforting warm drink, and on with the computer, but what to do? I plunged into genealogical research of my man (the one whose biography I’m working on).

By 06.00 I was cold but had travelled the world and through time prying into this family. As one boundary is reached there are hints of more distant places. My mind was still whirring but I knew I had to sleep.

In my sleep, when it finally came, I deconstructed the information I had mined. Was the second cousin in Natal the source for the South African specimens? This seemed an intensely interwoven family, so many ‘removed’ members being executors, unlikely connections. The thing that started it was noticing something in a photo I took at M-Shed in May. Under the item I thought I was interested in was a label linking my man with a namesake. I have met the namesake before but never yet managed to forge any links and here it was – a link. Mr Namesake is almost impossible to follow, now I have to find out how you access Non-Conformist records of BMD.