Researching for a Biography

First posted on the main page May 2015, but today I decided to collect all the EDE things together.

Although it is some time since I added to this blog I have not been idle. Researching Eric Doddrell Evens has taken considerable effort. Museums feature in this, museums in Bristol, Wells and London. Talk to curators, chat and gossip with them, ask for things long forgotten in their archives. Each visit adding another crumb to the accumulating evidence.

Start with a dry file of snippets, follow tenuous links. Cross reference anything that shows connection and slowly, very slowly an image can be seen. An image of the person, a shadowy image of traces left, nothing strong, nothing concrete but ripples in the texture of time.

Read around, determine the context within which the man existed. Add colour and depth, find out about the people he knew, the places he went. Visit the places to get a sense of scale and impact.

Ask! I was told to ask the people who know his work, ask them their opinions. No one gave me directly what I asked for. Someone was abusive – but I will let that rest. Someone else loaned great treasure and that is where I am at right now. The more I read of his writing the more I like and respect EDE.

The journey continues.